Mastering Men's Health at 40 and Beyond

This Mastering Men's Health course is designed to take the existing information you have and most effectively put it into application for your male clients over the age of 40. In these fourteen chapters you will follow closely to the BCS OPT Model going over the specifics of each MMH technique for your Master’s age clients in greater detail than what is required by your general certification. Specifically, we will go over how these changes begin to affect the aging male body over 40. Learning to apply these needs to training programs will effectively alter your approach and ultimately your positive end results. Our goal is to discover the most efficient way to get your clients of the Master’s age in the best shape of their lives, but that can only happen if they remain Injury Free.

This MMH Continuing Education Course is approved by the NFPT

NASM (0.3 CEUs) AFFA (3 CEUs)

(NASM Provider # 5,082) (AFFA Provider # 11,934)


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